Chin Hor, a Malaysian documentary cinematographer/cameraman, loves being out in the field and capturing all sorts of visuals. He enjoys getting the most out of the pictures that will help you tell your stories best.

He likes meeting people from all walks of life. Capturing their images on camera for him is like preserving their lives eternally. Having grown up with an appreciation for viewing life in its natural form, it was only a matter of time that he found his niche in filming documentaries. The promise of endless opportunities to learn and see new things all the time, was the main draw.

Chin Hor loves traveling, and enjoys the fact that every filming assignment is a brand new experience. He believes that there is much to learn and gain from every job, as each one presents new lessons and is a haven for knowledge.

Chin Hor has 15 years of experience in the Film, Video & Television industry, of which 12 years were specializing in documentaries. He is also a full member of the Australian Cinematographers Society (ACS).


2017 - Australia Cinematographers Society (ACS) WA Branch Awards:  Advertising International - A Beautiful Affair (GOLD)

2017 - Australia Cinematographers Society (ACS) WA Branch Awards: 

  • Ron Taylor ACS Wildlife & Nature - Ten Deadliest Snakes Middle East (SILVER)

      2014 - Australia Cinematographers Society (ACS) WA Branch Awards: 
    • John Bowring ACS TV Entertainment, TV Magazine, Breaks & Promos - Asian Food Channel-Eating Wild (BRONZE)
    • 2014 - Best Cinematography - Malaysia Documentary Awards - The Royal Press